Complete protection for stent and balloon delivery systems

Centurion has a unique design that surpasses conventional protectors to protect stents and balloons from damage during device assembly, packaging, transportation, catheter unloading and physician use.

The protective catheter packaging is generally postponed until the end of the product development cycle. As a consequence, inferior conventional stent and balloon protectors are developed leading to an increase of catheter rejection rates.

Centurion | Advant Medical

Why compromise the delivery of
your device?

Without adequate device protection the risk of delivering a defective device significantly increases.

Protect your Catheter

Protect your Balloon

Protect you Drug Eluding Stent

That’s why Centurion is the right choice for stent and balloon protection.

Risk Factors with Conventional Protectors

Risk of stent defect during final packaging and transportation

Drug coating compromised during device withdrawal from its packaging

Catheter tip is compressed by an un-encased mandrel stylet

Conventional protector remains in the packaging upon removal of the device

Complete Protection

  • Centurion ensures the mandrel stylet is securely encased protecting the catheter tip during assembly, final packaging and transportation.
  • Centurion suspends the stent and balloon in its protective tubing to prevent abrasion between the stent, balloon and packaging.
  • Centurion ensures successful catheter withdrawal from its packaging, eliminating protector ‘hang up’.
  • Centurion protects against product mishandling.
  • Centurion allows successful stent deployment promoting patient safety.

Benefits of Centurion

Increased Product Performance

Stent and balloon delivery system is fully protected from final assembly to end user

Improve Quality

Reduce device defects at the point of deployment

Promote Patient Safety

Successful device deployment reduces risk to patient

Economical Solution

Cost effective solution to protect your high value device

Boost Revenue

Physicians have increased confidence in your device

Minimise Inventory Storage

Uniquely designed to fit various stent and balloon profiles minimising inventory storage requirements

Advant Centurion

Centurion is a stent and balloon protector that, unlike conventional protectors, has a unique design to significantly reduce damage to stents and balloons during device assembly, packaging, transportation, catheter unloading and physician use.

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