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What it’s like to work at Advant Medical

Mission Statement

Advant Medical is engaged in the manufacturing of Medical Products. At Advant Medical we are committed to providing quality products to the medical device industry. Our proactive approach ensures that we continue to be a trusted partner delivering innovative design, manufacturing and packaging solutions.

To Our Customers

We want to bring to our customers the satisfaction of knowing that our product will meet their levels of quality and expectation. To face the ever growing changes within an evolving industry, we aim to make our customers an essential part of our company through a high level of communication. We consider this partnership to be a major goal in becoming the most efficient supplier possible to our customer.

To Our Employees

We must all realise the critical importance of our individual roles. Each task, requiring its own sense of quality, contributes significantly to the overall objectives of the company. Through aiming for the highest quality standards in your particular job, you play a key role in meeting our objectives. It is through communication, cooperation, and understanding that we are all part of this mission; we can then achieve the excellence expected by our customers and the Healthcare Industry.

From Our Management

We conduct our business with an open-minded, cooperative and ethical approach. We work as a united team in the ‘spirit of excellence’ as we conduct our daily activities.

Our Core Values


Practice and encourage respect toward everyone you interact with, for what you give is what you receive in return.


Strive for personal excellence through ownership, continuous self-improvement and self-evaluation.


Listen with an open mind, exchange ideas, explore options, offer solutions and resolve differences through respectful verbal, non-verbal and written communication.


Cooperate willingly to resolve conflicts to make sound and mutually agreed upon decisions


Behave morally and ethically for the betterment of oneself, team and company.

Team Building Mentor

All members of the company encourage the acceptance of ideas openly and with sensitivity to build a cohesive, spirited and healthy atmosphere of growth through honest communication, trust and continuous education.

Live your best life at Advant Medical

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, get time to give back to our communities, and have the financial resources and support they need. Some of the benefits of being a member of the Advant Team are:


We believe every individual’s voice matters. We exchange ideas with an open mind, and resolve differences with respectful communication.

Modern Technology

We use cutting edge technologies and with our highly trained staff we ensure our products are always of the highest quality.

Learning and development

We are focused on continuous improvement. With various supports for our staff we will help you to develop your skills and achieve your goals.

Additional Loyal Service Leave

Over 40% of our team has been with us for 10+ years! We love our team and reward members that show their loyalty to our company, giving you more time to live your life outside of work.

Good Attendance Rewards

Here at Advant Medical we believe every day is a priority. That is why we provide regular recognition to members of our team who show their commitment to their role and to the company.

Travel Opportunities

We are global. There are plenty of opportunities to work across our sites in some of the largest MedTech centres in the world.

Global Partner | Advant Medical


Our multiple facilities ensure our customers have a contract manufacturing partner providing local service on a global platform.

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