Catheter & Guidewire Dispenser/Hoop
Protection Device

We are the leading supplier of dispenser / hoop protection devices to medical device companies in over 30 countries worldwide

Our experience in stent, balloon, catheter, and guidewire packaging is one of the most extensive in the industry. Our flexible approach to manufacturing provides a unique quality service to all customers large or small. Over the past 30 years, we have supported all of our customers in their manufacturing requirements. Many of our existing customers began their journey with Advant Medical at the low volume stage and expanded to become leaders in today’s medical technology sector globally.

At Advant we go beyond the package and focus on developing a complete packaging delivery system that promotes patient safety and protects your device from the manufacturing line to the end-user.

Advant Services


Conforming to packaging standard ISO 11607, our Class 8 facilities exhibit the latest technology and experienced personnel to support your sterile medical device packaging requirements. Our teams are highly experienced at developing complete packaging solutions to enhance your medical device, from concept to commercialisation.


Advant Medical have been producing custom components in partnership with the largest medical device companies for over 30 years. FDA registered and accredited to ISO 13485:2016 our robust quality management system is supported by a competent team ensuring highest quality and continuous improvement.


Since 1993 we have been growing partnerships and believe in an ‘Advant Connection’, a connection between the Advant Team and our customers. We have the expertise to understand the issues our customers face and have the innovation to respond to these needs effectively. We have proven ourselves as experts of medical device manufacturing and packaging through our experienced team and flexibility to meet our customers’ growing challenges.

Why choose Advant Medical for your medical dispenser hoops?

Our Medical Device Packaging experience and our quality focused approach have made Advant Medical the ‘Global Supplier of Choice’ for Guidewire Dispenser hoops. Our dedicated teams will work with you to develop a complete packaging solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Flaring
  • Wide range of Injection moulded clips.
  • Tubing attachments
  • UV and CA adhesive bonding
  • Vertical design options
  • Prevents product damage
  • 800+ Innovative designs
  • Internally developed and manufactured injection moulded clips and attachments
  • Increased convenience for end users
  • Reduces end user time & cost


Our multiple facilities ensure our customers have a contract manufacturing partner providing local service on a global platform.

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