Medical Device Product Development

from initial design and development to commercialisation

Over 30 years of medical device expertise

Advant’s expert engineering team are ready to work with you on product and process development throughout the product life cycle. Our portfolio includes implantable and minimally invasive devices such as neurovascular thrombectomy devices, clot management products and vascular device delivery and retrieval systems. Our vast knowledge of implantable and minimally invasive devices provides the platform required to support companies on their development journey. Our extensive industry knowledge and integrated services make Advant Medical the ‘Partner of Choice’ for your medical device manufacturing requirements.

Six key elements of our offering

Proficient Leadership Team

Strong Engineering Support

Collaboration with our Customers

Mature and Experienced Team

Robust QMS

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Why trust Advant Medical for your medical device product development?

Advant Medical has evolved to become Industry experts on medical device product and process development. Our competent team will collaborate with your company on your product development journey, customising services to your requirements. Our services revolve around Advant’s robust Quality Management System accredited to ISO 13485:2016. This is why Advant Medical is the trusted ‘Partner of Choice’ for over 130 companies.


Our services include:

Our Medical Device and Development Process

Feasibility Study

  • Define project requirements
  • Analyse capital development costs, FTE’s required, lead time, labour, development costs
  • The project is given the green light; the project team assigned

Concept Verification

Through team collaboration, we combine our clinical and technical knowledge to propose innovative design concepts.

Tools used include:

  • Risk Identification and mitigation
  • Brainstorm – concepts – pugh matrix
  • Proof of principle modelling
  • 3D Models, animation, finite element analysis, moldflow

Design Specification

The design specification process proves the concept works.

Methods used include:

  • Material selection
  • Design FMEA
  • Detailed drawings, assembly specifications, bill of materials
  • Design output file
  • Approve tooling PAR
  • Prototype testing
  • Quality plan

Verification and Validation

  • Design validation
  • Process FMEA
  • Process validation


With our state of the art manufacturing facilities in the Americas and Ireland, Advant Medical can support manufacturing ramp-up at all our sites. See our Low & High Volume manufacturing section for more details.

Centurion for device

Centurion is a breakthrough in device protection that ensures successful stent deployment and promotes greater patient safety. Its unique design was developed as a result of increasing levels of catheter rejection rates due to inferior product protectors available in the market. In comparison to Centurion, these conventional devices pose a greater risk of exposing the device to damage during final assembly, transportation, catheter withdrawal and use.

Centurion is attached to the distal end of a stent and balloon delivery system. It suspends the balloon and stent in its protective tube to prevent damage until it is physically removed by the physician before the surgical procedure. As a consequence, the entire distal end of the catheter which includes the stent, balloon, drug coating and catheter tip is not compromised at any stage.

Centurion is a cost-effective device that is custom-designed to securely fit a variety of sizes of catheter tips and is available in a choice of materials and colours.

Learn more about Centurion
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Our multiple facilities ensure our customers have a contract manufacturing partner providing local service on a global platform

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