Medical Device Injection Moulding

From initial design to commercialisation

We are a specialist provider of precision Injection Moulding services to the medical device industry

Our injection moulding team are ready to respond to your complex moulding challenge. We provide dedicated client support which will navigate through all stages of your injection moulding project including initial design, validation, production and supply chain management. Our flexible and service-oriented approach has contributed to Advant Medical being a multiple ‘Supplier of the Year’ award winner.

Advant Medical’s injection moulding operates from our state of the art Class 8 Cleanrooms. Our specialist moulding team and advanced technologies ensure we can support a turnkey solution in product design, packaging and assembly of your Class I, II, III medical device.

Product Design and Rapid Prototyping

Our highly competent engineering team will work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your product concept and technical requirements.

Tool Design and Validation

Advant ensures that the tool is designed and manufactured to produce a quality component. Our accomplished quality team will guide you through the validation confirming statistical manufacturing control.

Design for Manufacture

We will collaborate with you to find the most practical approach to ensure each product concept is designed for manufacturing (DFM) with the most cost-effective solution.

Why choose Advant Medical as your injection moulding partner?

When you choose Advant Medical as your injection moulding partner you can be assured that we bring six key elements to the partnership.

Proficient Leadership Team

Strong Engineering Support

Robust QMS

Mature and Experienced Team

Collaboration with our Customers

Advant Connection

Our extensive industry knowledge and integrated services make Advant Medical the ‘Partner of Choice’ for your medical device injection moulding requirements.

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Technical Capability

Our current equipment has various machine tonnage ranging from 25, 35, 60 and 120 accommodating both hot and cold runner systems. Our highly competent injection moulding team use various materials during the injection moulding process.

Materials include but are not limited to:

  • HDPE
  • PP
  • LDPE
  • ABS
  • TPV
Medical Device Manufacturing | Advant Medical

Clips, Moulded Parts and Attachments

Advant Medical offer a wide variety of in-house medical clips for various scenarios and applications. With over 28 years of medical device industry experience, Advant is the number one outsourcing partner with specialist knowledge in medical components, manufacturing expertise in implantable and minimally invasive devices and customised moulding solutions.

Clips, Moulded Parts and Attachments
Injection Moulded Component | Advant Medical
Injection Moulded Component | Advant Medical
Injection Moulded Clip | Advant Medical
Injection Moulded Clip | Advant Medical
Injection Moulded Clip | Advant Medical

Advant Moulding

Advant Moulding is our specialist Injection Moulding facility located in Inverin, Galway, Ireland.


From this facility, the Advant Medical Group has the ability to support pilot manufacturing projects to high volume commercial runs. Advant Moulding has Fanuc All Electric and BOY Hydraulic machines within 2,500 sq. feet of cleanroom space. We produce 150 million injection moulded components annually.


You can learn more about all of our facilities by clicking the link below.

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