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Market leading innovation in multiple medical device markets

Advant Medical has evolved to become a strategic manufacturing ‘Partner of Choice’. We collaborate with our extensive range of customers to provide a full array of services required to deliver finished medical devices to market.

We work with entrepreneurs, engineering, development groups, new start-ups, SME’s & multinationals to develop innovative solutions to solve their needs. Advant Medical are specialists in minimally invasive access and delivery devices. Our expertise is dedicated to specified medical markets such as:


Advant Medical’s comprehensive capabilities in manufacturing cardiovascular devices range from developing the solution from initial design specifications to high volume production. Advant Medical is a trusted supplier of niche products requiring a tailored approach. The Advant Manufacturing System is adept at setting up processes including DFM through our robust QMS and validation to ensure high quality products. Examples of medical devices where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

  • Cardiovascular angioplasty
  • Stent Delivery Systems
  • Bare Metal Stents
  • Drug Eluting Stents
  • Guidewires


The world’s leading medical technology brands depend on Advant Medical. Diagnostic and treatment devices in the neurovascular sector require highly specialized, complex and miniaturised delivery systems. Serving the market leading companies in this specialized field, we offer a range of solutions to access, navigate and deliver minimally invasive neurovascular therapies.

Example of a medical device where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

• Neurovascular Thrombectomy Devices


At Advant Medical, we operate from state of the art Class 8 cleanrooms for development, assembly and packaging. We are highly skilled at Micro-precision assembly for vascular devices. Our robust QMS and years of experience is why we are the ‘Partner of Choice’ as a medical device manufacturer for the invasive treatment of vascular diseases or disorders.

Examples of medical devices where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

  • Bare metal stents
  • Drug eluting stents
  • Catheters
  • Guidewires
  • Balloon dilation

Clot Management

The number of people with clots in the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems is rapidly increasing globally. The development of clots in the human body leads to severe conditions such as hypertension, damage to blood vessels, stroke, and can also cause death. At Advant Medical, we collaborate with our customers to develop a finished medical device that promotes patient safety. Our experienced contract manufacturing team have been involved in multiple clot management devices.

Examples of medical devices where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

  • Deep Vein Thromectomy Catheter
  • Electro-Mechanical Catheter

Implantable Devices

At Advant Medical we have grown our expertise in the area of Implantable Orthopaedic Devices. We collaborate with our customers to design and develop packaging. Our offering includes rigid tray sealing, GS1 bar code labelling, process validation, packaging and preparation for sterilisation.

Examples of medical devices where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

  • Thumb implants
  • Femur Bone implant
  • Metatarsal implant
  • Hip Implant

Peripheral Devices

Advant Medical are the global ‘Partner of Choice’ for medical device OEM’s manufacture of Peripheral devices. These devices are used to treat peripheral sicknesses that are sluggish and advanced complaints of blood circulation. We always work collaboratively with our customers and provide our strong engineering support, robust QMS and years of experience to manufacture finished devices for our customers.

Examples of medical devices where Advant Medical’s expertise has been applied:

  • Catheters
  • Stents
  • Guidewires
  • Balloons

Advant Medical’s Contract Manufacturing Services

ISO Class 8 cleanroom injection moulding

Over 12,500 sq. feet of ISO Class 8 clean room assembly

Manual and semi-automated assembly (adhesive, UV light bonding)

Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping

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