Supply Chain

From initial planning to complete execution,
Advant Medical provides a comprehensive supply
chain management solution

Our vast industry experience and exceptional customer service deliver the highest industry standard Class I, II, III medical devices to the global marketplace

Advant Medical combine our internal supply chain specialists with external vendors to give our customers the most streamlined supply chain. This supports completing your project at the lowest overall cost.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) in medical device industries is often complex. It’s not only about on-time deliveries or creating safety stock for critical materials. We build long term relationships with suppliers whose materials or components have been incorporated into the validated final product.

Supply Chain | Advant Medical

Why choose Advant Medical for your medical device manufacturing?

Our years of experience mean that we understand that a reliable supply chain is not just about on-time deliveries but building global relationships with suppliers to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Some of the benefits we can provide you with are:


One Partner

Advant Medical provide our customers with a comprehensive supply chain management solution. Instead of wasting time dealing with multiple vendors, deal with one experienced and highly dependable quality centric partner.


Global Experts

Our supply chain specialists have covered the globe looking for the highest quality materials at the best available prices. Our team has been dealing with international customers since 1993 and have the experience and know how to provide exceptional customer service on a global scale.

Supply Chain | Advant Medical
Supply Chain | Advant Medical

Increased Value

By choosing Advant Medical as your contract manufacturer you will unlock capabilities, solutions and expertise that would take several years to develop. Our expertise offers leveraged operational excellence tools that help to boost efficiency and productivity in your business operations.

Reduced Operational Cost

Advant Medical understand that supply chain activities require infrastructure, overhead and staffing costs. Such operating and capital expenses can quickly add up and significantly impact a company’s profitability if not handled properly.

Risk Mitigation

Working with Advant Medical can help you achieve better visibility, security, and control into areas like compliance, quality, lead times and inventory levels. This enhanced visibility allows you to identify areas of risk and take proactive steps to mitigate the impact.

Core services of Advant Medical’s supply chain

Vendor management

Sourcing of raw materials, components and packaging materials

Incoming inspection

Demand planning and inventory management

Vendor managed inventory


Transport and logistics, warehousing

Cost and process optimisation

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