Packaging Design

In accordance with ISO 11607

Why choose Advant Medical as your partner for packaging design?

At Advant Medical we provide Class I, II, III Medical Device Development, Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions. We partner with our customers to provide the optimum packaging design while meeting practical, functional and marketing requirements.

From concept through to commercialisation, we are capable of packaging your device at any stage of the product cycle. At Advant we go beyond the package and focus on developing a complete packaging system to deliver a sterile device to the end user.

Cutting-Edge Designs

At Advant Medical, we develop innovative sterile packaging designs to fully protect and compliment your medical device in accordance with ISO 11607.


Over 30 years of experience in the Medical Device sector has given Advant Medical the knowledge and experience to deal with complex packaging challenges and develop innovative solutions.

Medical Application Knowledge

From Design to product realisation, Advant Medical provides many solutions to our contract packaging customers. Designs to date have included:

  • Orthopaedic implant packaging
  • Surgical accessory packaging
  • Final packaging design and development
  • Stent, balloon and guidewire packaging
  • Rigid and flexible packaging

Complete Packaging Systems

In accordance with ISO 11607 our packaging design capabilities include:

  • SolidWorks 3D CAD
  • 3D Printing Technology
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Rigid and Flexible Packaging Design
  • Unit to Transportation Box Design
  • GS1 and 2D Bar Code Label design
  • Final Packaging Design and Technical data

All packaging systems are designed to meet regulatory sterilisation and transportation requirements delivering your product safely to the end-user.

Innovative Sterile Packaging Designs

All our packaging solutions are designed to sustain product integrity, sterility and patient safety. Our Class 8 cleanroom facilities are equipped with supporting technologies including our advanced sealing technology to assist seal validation. Advant Medical’s confidence lies in our integrated quality system for complete traceability.

A testament to our success is our extensive knowledge of the industry. Our worldwide customers trust Advant Medical to be their complete outsourcing partner in packaging design, manufacturing and assembly. Our commitment to quality, innovation and vertical integration means our customers can trust that we will consistently deliver the highest quality product.

Rigid Packaging

Materials include

  • PETG
  • HIPS
  • Coated Tyvek
  • Coated paper
  • Coated film
  • Coated foil

Flexible Packaging

Materials include:

  • Peelable film to film
  • Tyvek to film
  • Paper to film
  • Header bags
  • Foil to foil
  • Many other structures

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