Medical Dispenser/Hoop Protection Device

Reliable stent, balloon, catheter and guidewire packaging

Since 1993, our long-term partnerships with our customers demonstrates why Advant is the ‘Partner of Choice’ for reliable catheter and guidewire protection.

Advant Medical’s experience in stent, balloon, catheter and guidewire packaging is one of the most extensive in the industry. Thanks to our manufacturing facilities across the world, we work as a local supplier to our global customers. Our low cost manufacturing solutions combined with our vertical integration strategy enables cost competitiveness globally.

Advant Medical is a ‘Partner of Choice’ and the leading supplier of dispensers/hoops to medical device companies in over 30 countries worldwide. Our commitment to quality, innovation, vertical integration and state of the art ISO Class 8 cleanrooms around the world means our customers can trust that we will consistently deliver the highest quality product.


Advant has built a long standing reputation in packaging design to the world’s leading medical device companies. With many years of industry knowledge, Advant Medical has the expertise to provide solutions to your complex delivery systems.


Our commitment to quality and accreditation to ISO 13485:2016 guarantees that our catheter & guidewire dispenser/hoop protection devices are consistently of the highest quality making Advant Medical a reliable supplier of choice. A testament to our reliability is our 2019 & 2018 Boston Scientific ‘Global Supplier Achievement Award’ celebrating our technological innovation, commercial and operational excellence.

Customer Focused

At Advant we focus on developing a complete packaging system that protects your device from the manufacturing line to the end user, promoting patient safety. We partner with our customers to provide the optimum packaging design while meeting practical, functional and marketing requirements.

Why choose Advant Medical for your medical dispenser/hoop protection device?

Since 1993, our Medical Device Packaging experience and our quality focused approach have made Advant Medical the ‘Global Supplier of Choice’ for catheter & guidewire dispensers/hoops.

Features and Benefits

  • Flaring
  • Wide range of Injection moulded clips
  • Tubing attachments
  • UV and CA adhesive bonding
  • Vertical options
  • Prevents product damage
  • 800+ Innovative designs
  • Internally developed and manufactured injection moulded clips and attachments
  • Increased convenience for end users
  • Reduces end user time & cost
Injection Moulded Clip | Advant Medical
Medical Dispensers/Hoop Protection Devices | Advant Medical
Medical Dispensers/Hoop Protection Devices | Advant Medical
Medical Dispensers/Hoop Protection Devices | Advant Medical
Medical Dispensers/Hoop Protection Devices | Advant Medical
Medical Dispensers/Hoop Protection Devices | Advant Medical

We are the leading supplier of dispenser and hoop protection devices to 130 medical device companies in over 30 countries worldwide

Our experience in the industry is why we are the ‘Partner of Choice’ for medical device OEM’s. Since 1993 we have established trusted partnerships with our customers through the ‘Advant Connection’. We take the time to listen to our customers, understand their needs, collaborate, offer solutions to problems, and develop plans to grow with them. We are customer committed and Quality Centric. We have proven ourselves as experts of medical device manufacturing and packaging through our experienced team and flexibility to meet our customers’ growing challenges.

Centurion for device protection

Centurion is a breakthrough in device protection that ensures successful stent deployment and promotes greater patient safety. Its unique design was developed as a result of increasing levels of catheter rejection rates due to inferior product protectors available in the market. In comparison to Centurion, these conventional devices pose a greater risk of exposing the device to damage during final assembly, transportation, catheter withdrawal and use.

Centurion is attached to the distal end of a stent and balloon delivery system. It suspends the balloon and stent in its protective tube to prevent damage until it is physically removed by the physician before the surgical procedure. As a consequence, the entire distal end of the catheter which includes the stent, balloon, drug coating and catheter tip is not compromised at any stage.

Centurion is a cost-effective device that is custom-designed to securely fit a variety of sizes of catheter tips and is available in a choice of materials and colours.


Learn more about Centurion

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