Catheter, Stent and Balloon Protector

What is Centurion?

Centurion is a breakthrough in device protection that ensures successful stent deployment and promotes greater patient safety.

Its unique design was developed as a result of increasing levels of catheter rejection rates due to inferior product protectors available in the market. In comparison to Centurion, these conventional devices pose a greater risk of exposing the device to damage during final assembly, transportation, catheter withdrawal and use.

Centurion is attached to the distal end of a stent and balloon delivery system. It suspends the balloon and stent in its protective tube to prevent damage until it is physically removed by the physician before the surgical procedure. As a consequence, the entire distal end of the catheter which includes the stent, balloon, drug coating and catheter tip is not compromised at any stage.
Centurion is a cost effective device that is custom designed to securely fit variety of sizes of catheter tips and is available in a choice of materials and colours.

Advantages of Centurion

  • Increase Product Performance
  • Improve Quality
  • Promote Patient Safety
  • Minimise Inventory Storage
  • Boost Revenue
  • Economical Solution

Centurion Benefits

Centurion prevents stent damage
Centurion protects drug coating
Centurion fully encases the catheter tip
Centurion ensures successful deployment

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