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International Day of Education

24 January, 2022

International Day of Education Advant Medical

Today, 24th January 2022, is the International Day of Education. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development. This year’s International Day of Education will be a platform to showcase the most important transformations that have to be nurtured to realize everyone’s fundamental right to education and build a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future.

To commemorate the day we wanted to talk to some of our team about education, and in particular, furthering your education while working full time. Furthering your education while working full-time can be very challenging. A work-life-study balance can be a continuous struggle for those who work and study full time. They will face challenges such as time-management, discipline and even loneliness. Here at Advant Medical, we understand these challenges and have the supports in place, so that our team can reach their full potential with us.

Here is what our team members had to say about their experiences furthering their education while working at Advant Medical full-time:

Aideen Hynes, CIPD Degree in Human Resource Management

I have been very fortunate to have been allowed to study part time whilst working. I am proud of my achievement and I feel it has been very beneficial to not just my own career path but the Advant team also. Although studying and working has come with its challenges, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

For anyone thinking of returning to study I would tell them to update their manager as soon as possible. Open the dialogue early with them to tell them you’re considering returning to study. Ask to see what resources and supports are available to you and assure them that you will be able to maintain both your work and study schedules.

Advant has supported me throughout the years of study and has accommodated me during exam times which has been very helpful. I am very thankful to Advant for this tremendous support. Employee training and development is key to the success of any organization and Advant Medical has always been passionate about supporting employees through education, training and development.

Niamh Flannery, BSc (Hons) Quality Management & Technology, IT Sligo

I started at Advant as a Production Operator in 2014 and through Advants dedication to internal promotion and support of further education I have been able to progress my career to my present role of Quality Engineer.

Going back to college while working full time was at times challenging and it meant a lot of weekends were taken up with college work. It was difficult to get the work/study/life balance right and time management and discipline were important to ensure the work got done.

Advant were a great support throughout the five years of study providing financial assistance for course fees and study leave during examination periods, which definitely helped to ease the pressure. Management and employees at Advant participated in research surveys and questionnaires to enable me to complete a research thesis which was helpful and their support made that time a lot less stressful.

Working in Advant, a highly regulated Medical Device organization was beneficial while completing a degree in Quality and being able to relate to the course content. Although at times I found it challenging, completing this degree is an achievement I am proud of and I am very thankful to Advant for providing their support, guidance and encouragement throughout.

Denise Walsh, Quality Management Part 1, GMIT

One of the opportunities given to me while working at Advant medical was their openness for me to return to study and further my third-level education while continuing to work full time.

Maintaining my work-life balance was a lot more difficult after I threw studying into the mix. However, I knew that I would be up for the challenge, and after discussing my hopes with the Advant Team, they were 100% supportive. The advice I would give to anyone thinking of furthering their education while working full time would be to set yourself realistic deadlines which you know you can achieve. Setting unrealistic targets will demotivate you from your studies, so please try to avoid doing this, and keep your targets simple and achievable.

Although studying while working full-time is a significant workload, both management and colleagues have helped to shoulder the burden. I have already achieved Part 1 of the Quality Management certificate and I continue to be supported by the Advant Team while working towards my degree.

Sinead Lynch, Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management, University of Limerick

It was a personal goal of mine to obtain my BA in human resource management. The time and commitment required proved to be very difficult at times. Working full time, as well as the commute to Limerick twice weekly made my work/life/study balance difficult to navigate. My personal life definitely took a hit but this was something I knew I wanted to achieve.

Returning to education was a shock to the system and it took some time to adapt back to a student mentality. One piece of advice I would give to anyone considering returning to study is to find your best place to study and stick to it. Whether that be a library, coffee shop or your bedroom, find a place where you feel productive and stick to it.

Advant were brilliant when it came to supports and more importantly, an understanding of the stresses involved in studying. Allowing paid study leave took one less stress away while letting you focus on exams.

Debra O’Loughlin, Managing Director

It is fantastic to see so many of our team furthering their education while working full time. For a lot of people, the thought of going back to college while working full time can be daunting. I understand the difficulties our team can face, having also furthered my education while working here in Advant.

However, this also means that I appreciate the importance of a good employer working with the individuals to assist them where possible. Our study leave and other supports for our team enable them to achieve their goals, while never failing to deliver in work. We always work with individuals who want to continue their studies to support them as best we can.

Bob DiPetrillo, CEO

I am delighted that so many of our team are furthering their education. Employee development is a priority at Advant. We are passionate about the growth of our employees and always encourage individuals to come forward and discuss with their manager if they are considering going back to college.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how fast the world can change, both in our personal and professional lives. That’s why I believe that employee development opportunities matter now more than ever. Supporting our talented team in their ambitions to reach their full potential keeps them and our business competitive and agile.

Live your best life at Advant Medical

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, get time to give back to our communities, and have the financial resources and support they need. We are focused on continuous improvement and developing our team. With various supports for our staff we will help you to develop your skills and achieve your goals. If you’re interested in joining our team or want to learn more about life at Advant, have a look at our careers page here:

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