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Making a difference – Manufacturing Day 2021

1 October, 2021

Manufacturing Day 2021 Advant Medical

Every year Manufacturing Day is held on the first Friday of October in order to show the world what modern manufacturing is all about

Manufacturing Day is the celebration of manufacturing practices that build local, national and global economies. The goal of Manufacturing Day is to inspire the next generation of manufacturers, and educate the public on the importance of the role manufacturers play in our daily lives and the growing skill shortage despite the high volume of job openings in the sector. To celebrate the day, we wanted to share what manufacturing day is, how important the sector is to the economy and how manufacturing affects our everyday lives.

What is Manufacturing Day?

A manager is an individual that supervises both activities and people within a given organization and is an example of a leadership position. Managers Manufacturing Day celebrates modern manufacturing and positively influences the common misconceptions around the manufacturing industry, while inspiring the future generation of manufacturers.

What is modern manufacturing all about?

Modern manufacturing is about creativity, teamwork, discovery and making a difference. The manufacturing industry makes the products that keep us safe, enriches our lives, strengthens our economy and provides countless opportunities for our communities. New advanced manufacturing technologies bring about new careers that require a newly skilled workforce.

What is the importance of manufacturing?

Almost every product you buy is the production of an established manufacturer which worked closely with the brand to create a custom product. Without manufacturing our economy would collapse! Let’s take a look at a few statistics.

1. Contribution to the economy

In 2020, the manufacturing sector in Ireland employed 205,700 people directly and 400,000 people across all skills levels when indirect employment is taken into account. The Irish manufacturing sector accounts for 32% of Ireland’s GDP – significantly higher than the European average of 15%. Manufacturing also plays a key role in helping to address the regional imbalance in the Irish economy with more than 80% of operations outside of Dublin.

2. Multiplier Effect

The manufacturing industry has the highest effect of any economic sector. For every €1.00 spent in manufacturing, another €1.89 goes back into the economy. Additionally for every one worker there is in the manufacturing sector, there are another four employees hired elsewhere along the supply chain. If you include additional hires this brings the number up to €3.60 for every €1.00 spent in manufacturing.

3. Productivity

Manufacturing has seen nearly 2X the productivity increases over the last two decades than other economic sectors. Output per hour for all workers in the manufacturing sector has increased by more than 2.5X since 1987. In contrast, productivity is roughly 1.7X greater for all other businesses. Durable goods manufacturers have seen even greater growth, almost 3X labor productivity over that time frame.

Advant Medical

Across our four manufacturing sites we employ almost 250 team members (40% of which have been with us for 10+ years), we work with modern technologies and are always looking for innovative solutions to tough challenges. We have been manufacturing medical devices since 1993, we are growing our capabilities and investing in technologies that will see our communities’ benefit from the next generation of modern manufacturers.

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