Choosing Ireland as Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

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For SMEs and multinationals who want to access Europe using a contract manufacturing partner.

Ireland is globally recognised as a prominent medical device hub across the world. With its attractive attributes and pro-business ethos, it attracts significant investment from some of the largest medical device manufacturers. In fact 15 of the world’s top 20 medical device companies have established facilities in Ireland.

Contract Manufacturing In IrelandThe country boasts a range of attractive factors to encourage medical device manufacturers to set up their operations here and gain access to a lucrative European healthcare market.

Setting up a medical manufacturing facility in any new country, Ireland being no exception, is an intricate task. It is a full scale project where at a minimal, factors need to be considered such as:

  • Finding a suitable site in terms of capacity, logistics, planning etc
  • Managing large-scale construction or refurbishment of site
  • Legal considerations and implications
  • Knowledge of the culture and how it operates
  • Developing supply chain to support manufacturing
  • Hiring a skilled and experienced technical workforce
  • CE/FDA submissions and compliance

A task like this will have its challenges. It is time consuming, expensive and can pose a risk to your quality compliance. For SMEs and multinationals who want to access Europe but don’t want to set up facility, engaging with contract manufacturing companies is an attractive alternative.

Following the investment of multinationals in Ireland, a powerful network of medical device sub suppliers exists today.

Medical device contract manufacturing in Ireland is becoming more popular due to a number of reasons; to gain access to European and Asian markets, to achieve CE marking  and the knowledge gained from the influence of OEMs has spilled into a vast range of sub suppliers, firmly positioning them as leaders in medical device manufacturing.

Many of Ireland’s medical device sub suppliers offer the following:

  • FDA registered and ISO 13485:2012 certification
  • Reputable and highly flexible workforce
  • Innovative ethos amongst Irish companies, an area regularly funded by government
  • Ability to ramp up production volumes
  • Proximity to major European markets and access to Asia
  • English speaking workforce
  • Low corporation tax
  • Supply chain management expertise

Contract Manfacturing Transfer | Contract Manufacturing PartnerMedical device contract manufacturing typically involves the legal manufacturer outsourcing non core processes and product manufacturing.  However there is  an increase manufacturing transfer, which involves complete outsourcing of their product and processes. It’s an attractive area, as a contract manufacturer can bring significant value add to a project in areas of manufacturing, engineering, quality, regulatory and supply chain.

At Advant Medical, we have firmly established our manufacturing transfer competencies for companies seeking to access the European and Asian market. Our expertise in the manufacturing of minimally invasive devices including Clot Management products such as Thrombectomy Devices and Micro Catheters.

If you would like to contact us about our Contract Manufacturing or Manufacturing Transfer services please contact us today.

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