Design and Prototyping

Advant Medical Supports Early Stage Design and Development of New Injection Moulded Components.

We offer a range of services including:

Product Design and Rapid Prototyping

During the design stage, our highly experienced design team will work in close partnership with you to gain a complete understanding of your product concept and technical requirements. This phase involves in-depth discussions and the creation of SolidWorks 3D computer models. Initial prototypes can subsequently be produced using our in-house 3D printing capabilities.

Design for Manufacture

At Advant, our team of designers work in partnership with your engineers to find the most practical approach to ensure each new product concept is designed for ease of manufacturing and with the most cost effective materials. We provide a rapid prototyping service, which allows both the customer and our engineers to review the product before proceeding to the next stage.

Tool Design and Validation

Our tool fabrication expertise guarantees we can deliver on our promise of efficient early product development following design approval. We believe that through our extensive knowledge and partnerships with expert tool fabrication companies, our customers receive high quality competitive moulds along with superior quality and service. Our team maintain complete control over the project at all times. Our strategic alliances expand our technical offerings while under our complete control, these offerings include:

  • Complex mould design
  • Mouldflow Analysis
  • Metrology

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