How to

Identify A Reliable and Trustworthy Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Partner

Picking the right contract manufacturing partner is no longer just about quality, finance or strategic fit, but geography and strategic positioning in an ever-growing global market. Contract manufacturing partners bring OEMs much closer to their customers, regionally, nationally and globally.

Our paper helps you with:

  • Contract manufacturing selection process
  • Establishing right contract manufacturing partnership
  • Getting closer to your customers

10 Ways To Screen Your Potential Contract Manufacturing Partners

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Who is Advant?

Global Coverage

We are the Leading Supplier of Dispensers to Medical Device Companies in Over 30 Countries Worldwide.

25+ Years Of Experience

Long term partnerships with customers means we are the industry’s vendor of choice for reliable catheter and guidewire protection.

Lead Times

Our low cost flexible manufacturing solution plus our vertical integration strategy enables quick turn around and cost competitiveness globally.

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